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New Era Wrist & Thumb Splint


New era wrist & thumb splint HCPCS: L3807/L3809


Product Description

The New Era wrist & thumb splint L3807/L3809 is ideal for the treatment of De Quervain’s Syndrome, carpo-metacarpal instabilities or Gamekeeper’s thumb. Its construction provides easy use with an adjustable thumb stay that is helpful for even mild wrist sprains and healing of injuries to the soft tissues in this part of the hand. It is perfect for keeping your thumb immobile during the process of healing while the more flexible palm support allows movement the rest of the hand and fingers. It is fitted with a loop and lock closure for proper adjustment. The New Era wrist & thumb splint is lightweight and less bulky, and is cushioned and contoured for a perfect fit while providing radial and ulnar styloid relief.


  • Wrist and Thumb Injuries
  • DeQuervain’s Tendonitis
  • Advanced carpal tunnel syndrome

Wrist Brace Sizing Guide
measure wrist

Step 1: Place end of tape measure at the wrist joint and measure approximately 5 inches up the wrist and mark the point.

measure circumference

Step 2: Measure the circumference at the 5″ mark, making sure the tape is neither too tight nor too loose. This is the Forearm Circumference.

measure circumference of wrist joint

Step 3: Measure the circumference at the wrist joint. For some off-the-shelf wrist splints, this Wrist Circumference measurement will be all you need.

measure circumference of knuckles

Step 4: Measure the circumference around the high points of the knuckles between your index and pinkie fingers (this is the MCP Circumference or the Palm Circumference).


Step 5: Use the measurements above and refer to the chart below to find the right wrist support for you.
Size Wrist Circumference Palm Circumference Forearm
S 6.5″-7.25″ Upto 8″ Upto 8″
M 7.25″-8″ Upto 8.5″ Upto 8.5″
L 8″-9″ 9″- 9.5″ Upto 9.5″
XL 9″-10″ 8.5″-9.5″ 8.5″-9.5″

Disclaimer: This guide is only for reference and does not factor in personal preferences or differences due to design

Additional Information

Weight 0.3125 lbs


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