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Premier Elbow Brace

Cosmopolitan Elbow Brace

$179.99 $89.99

New Era Elbow Brace HCPCS: L3760


Product Description

The Cosmopolitan Elbow Brace is designed for treatment of injuries and fractures of the elbow and the upper arm such as collateral ligament strains, ulnar nerve transposition and ruptures. The brace is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and provides an exceptional fit to help prevent the hyperextension of the arm. The New Era elbow brace is used following early cast removal to stabilize fractures and for postoperative immobilization. It is designed using a breathable material which also provides warmth to the injured elbow and the forearm, allowing the muscles to rest and heal.


  • Fractures of the Elbow or upper arm
  • Elbow injury

Additional Information

Weight 1.2 lbs


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