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New Era Locking Knee Brace

New Era Stabilizer Knee Brace




Product Description

The New Era Stabilizer Knee Brace helps to treat hyperextension in the knees which, when left unattended to can cause more damage. It helps to prevent the knee from moving into positions that would affect therapy. The brace serves functionally as a positional orthosis as it controls the positioning of the knee by correcting the movement. It carefully stabilizes knee split extension and controls increase of the range of motion (ROM). It is comfortable to wear and easy to apply. The New Era locking brace is also applicable if a patient had surgical procedure or injury on the knee where a limited range of knee joint movement is part of the rehabilitation.

Knee Brace Sizing Guide
measure at the center of your knee-cap or patella

Step 1: Place the end of your tape measure at the center of your knee-cap or patella, and measure about 6 – 6.25 inches up your thigh. Mark the spot.

measure at the center of your knee-cap or patella

Step 2: Place the end of the tape measure at the 6″ mark and measure the circumference of your thigh, keeping the tape horizontal. This is the Circumference that you will need to find the right knee brace size.


Step 3: Use the Circumference measurements to refer to the grid below, and find the right knee brace for you.


Knee Brace Sizing by Thigh Circumference
Circumference (thigh) in inches 15″-18″ 18″-21″ 21″-23″ 23″-26″ 26″-29″

Disclaimer: This guide is subject to personal preferences and should only be used as a guideline. Sizing may vary depending on knee brace design and brand

Additional Information

Weight 1.2 lbs


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