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Era TLSO 57

Aura TLSO 57

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Product Description

The Aura TLSO 57 provides a high degree of support to the body trunk and thoracic region following injury. The Era TLSO L0457 comfortably restricts the movement of the user with an incorporated posterior panel and soft anterior apron. It works by reducing pressure on and supporting the intervertebral discs, with the brace covering the middle-upper back body, starting from the sacrococcygeal junction to the scapular spine. The Era TLSO L0457 includes straps to ensure the back brace is well fitted for maximum spinal stability and effectiveness. It is affordable, worn easily under clothes, and comfortable to wear with fabric designed to be worn closely to the skin, keeping irritation to the minimum.

Back Support Sizing Guide
Back Support Sizing Guide

Step 1: Stand with your stomach relaxed. Use a soft tape measure to measure the narrowest part of your waist, keeping the tape measure parallel to the ground.


Step 2: Use the measurements above and refer to the chart below to find your perfect fit.


Note: Many lumbar support braces have universal sizing for waist sizes 25″ to 68″.
Back Brace Sizing by Waist Circumference
Size Waist Circumference
XS 22″-26 1/2″
S 26 1/2″ – 32 1/2″
M 32 1/2″ – 38 1/2″
L 38 1/2″ – 45 1/2 “
XL 45 1/2″ – 53 1/2″
2XL/3XL Upto 68 inches

Disclaimer: This guide is for reference only and should not be used without considering personal preference and support design.

Additional Information

Weight 1.6 lbs


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