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Elbow splint

New Era Eclipse Elbow Splint


New Era Elbow Splint HCPCS: L3762


Product Description

The road to recovery after sustaining an elbow injury sometimes takes a little longer than we would like. New Era provides elbow braces and splints to provide the required relief to individuals with painful elbow conditions such as tennis elbow or golfers’ elbow, or soft tissue injuries. If you suffer from a damaged ulnar nerve or an elbow fracture (medical bill code L3760 or L3762), the physician might prescribe an elbow splint to relieve the symptoms and expedite recovery. The splint helps reduce your pain by redirecting the stressful forces away from the painful area. It is designed to limit the elbow’s range of motion while supporting the muscles and tendons of the joint. The splint also has additional pressure pads that sit on the muscles below the elbow joint to provide the necessary compression and support.


  • Tennis Elbow Support
  • Elbow Fracture/ Injury
  • Damaged Ulnar Nerve

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs


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