New Era Braces is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of patients suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, those who developed injuries from a physical activity or a surgical procedure. We work hand in hand with orthopedic experts to bring you the best quality in products.

We offer all kinds of support braces including post-op shoes, braces for both the lower and upper extremities, head and neck support, back support braces and many more.

When it comes to providing Orthopedic Braces in Edgewater, New Jersey, our prices are competitive and very affordable. We know medical care is expensive; therefore we look for ways to make our products pocket-friendly.

Quality is at the core of our business. Our braces are manufactured and designed to perfection bearing in mind the sensitivity of the bone and muscle. We ensure our products are made from the best materials in the market including nylon, neoprene, bio skin, latex and spandex among others.

We work hard to make your shopping experience as easy as possible for you. We are available to take your inquiries and orders any time of the day. We also strive to have a fast delivery to all parts of the world so that you can begin your healing process and pain management as fast as possible.

New Era Braces is driven by passion, love and the desire to change the world, one brace at a time!