doctor talking to the disabled patient

Nobody plans to get injured at any point in their lives, but it happens all the time. If it happens to you, the choice to have an easier journey during the healing process rests entirely upon you.

Medical braces give you an opportunity to manage pain or discomfort as a result of an injury, a surgical procedure or a medical condition. New Era Braces specializes in supplying Orthopedic Braces in Edgewater, New Jersey. Our products are well designed to limit movement of a certain body part allowing for faster healing from injury as well as curbing a re-injury or any further injuries.

We realize the importance of having muscular and bone support during the healing process which is why we tailor our products to allow for proper alignment of each body part while still giving you a chance to move freely and do most, if not all of your chores.

Our braces have been carefully selected to cater for all needs. Whether you require medical braces to help curb your pain during a sport injury or pain management of a chronic condition in your body, New Era Brace has what you need. We have sport, thermal, elastic and braces belonging to the healthcare category all perfectly designed to assist both joint pain as well as soft tissue injuries. In addition to the braces, we also carry compression socks and sleeves, arm slings, wrist wraps and back supports.

New Era Braces strives to see that all people suffering from an injury of any kind can access one or more support braces from us. We are a worldwide company with offices in every corner of the globe. Contact us today at 212-330-7656 and get started on a journey towards a healthy you!


To be an industry leader in the provision of exceptional and effective support braces that cater for both medical and sport-related conditions while remaining on the cutting edge in the industry in terms of brand quality, price and innovation across the globe.