New Era Braces is a company built to offer solutions to bracing needs. We distribute quality, affordable and durable support braces made from the recommended materials that have the ability to take care of pain and discomfort from a medical injury, medical procedure or an injury from a physical activity.

Our company is focused on reaching out to the world with orthopedic braces of all kinds. We ensure our products’ manufacturers do a good job of producing durable, comfortable and top quality braces that quicken the process of healing bones and muscles of injured body parts.

We also work with various healthcare experts in the field of medicine, which helps us to serve our customers best whenever they are looking for quality Orthopedic Braces in Edgewater, New Jersey. Medical professions enjoy working with us because of our fast, efficient service, affordable and wide product selection. For this reason, we serve a number of clients in various institutions including clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, therapists, private practices and many others.

Where medical braces are needed, New Era Braces steps in and saves the day. Our team is constantly looking for updated and better solutions as per the medical industry’s demands so you are guaranteed of absolute satisfaction. All our products have been vetted and marked as safe and sound for the human body so you can expect nothing short of that.

We have a vision for products in the market that will provide an excellent and more suitable price to the community compared to other competitive companies. Therefore, New Era Braces is located all over the world with the distribution center located in New Jersey (410 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020).